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"Fifty3degrees has everything you could ask for from a martial arts gym. Excellent value for money, experienced and dedicated instructors, a wide range of facilities and most importantly great, friendly training partners. I would highly recommend this gym to anybody looking for a place for themselves or their children!"

"Brilliant Martial Arts Academy. The instructors are fantastic with the kids and make it fun as well as teaching them. My kids absolutely love coming here. The classes are small so each child gets lots of attention from the instructors. Easily the best place for miles for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu."


"I am a complete beginner, out of shape with not much of MMA knowledge so basiacally I have been a nuisance but not even once did I feel like that. Everybody there has been more then welcoming and supportive. If anyone wants to start at an MMA gym I can honestly recommend Fifty3degrees
- by far a 5 star gym."

"As a small lady I didn’t think martial arts was for me but after walking into Fifty3degrees a year ago, I soon realised that anyone can join, learn new things and have fun! I would encourage any ladies out there no matter what your shape or size, to come along. There will be a warm welcome waiting for you!"

"Me and my boys train here. The Coaches care about their students, it’s full of amazing people and the facilities are awesome! When you train here you join a family, we all help each other learn no matter who you are or why you train."

"Two of my kids have taken up BJJ here, one of them has autism and the focus he gets from these classes is amazing. The trainers are all excellent and you can see they care about their members. The difference we can see in both kids and the skills they have already developed in just a few short weeks is astounding. The classes are fun and the kids can never wait for the next one. That said, I’ve put on quite a bit of weight and have zero fitness so I decided to take the free trial for the fitness classes and I’m absolutely loving them too. Will definitely be continuing with them and would definitely recommend Fifty3degrees - the trainers and facilities are fantastic!"


"Absolutely Amazing! I take my Daughter to the 2-4years class and she loves it! (To be fair, I love it too!) Parent participation is quality time with my Daughter and she’s learning without even knowing it. The instructor, Tom is brilliant and has lots of patience with the kids."

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