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FIFTY3DEGREES emerged when James Boyle's passion for martial arts grew so strong that it became a way of life. James' love of martial arts was ignited when he was only 17 years old and started to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Paul Chapman and Neil Owen. After five years of training, James was so captivated with the sport that he and Paul opened their own club, Clinch and Control in 2008. The club gathered pace steadily while James and Paul were holding down their full-time jobs. It was always clear in James' mind that his ultimate goal was to eventually run an academy full-time.

In 2015 James realised his dream. He left his job and teamed up with Infinity Martial Arts to launch the first UK franchise. Infinity is an Australian company that was co-founded Neil Owen. By this time Paul had moved down under to become Infinity's Lead Instructor at their flagship Academy.


Since Infinity Chesterfield opened, James has worked tirelessly building a friendly, atmospheric academy for all the family. The academy earned a great reputation for excellence in coaching and in turn collected a growing member base.


In 2016 James attained his Level 3 Personal Training Qualification. This was when the idea of a more comprehensive coaching service started to materialise. James equipped himself with the skills and knowledge to help people to not only enhance their sports performance, but also help with general fitness and wellbeing. This is the ethos of FIFTY3DEGREES. At our very core is BJJ and MMA - and it always will be, but we believe in an all-round experience. In 2018 we opened the doors to Fifty3Degrees, alongside our excellent martial arts tuition we now also offer Personal Training and fitness classes.

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